Wikileaks Discussion


What is wikileaks and what is its agenda?

“WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists.” (Wikileaks, 2014)


1. Public & private wiki spaces — comment and edit abilities

Public wiki — Game of Thrones Guide

2. When does privacy and security of information that you or other wiki pages post become an issue?


Wikis: Across School Collaboration

“The web is two-way, push and pull… its user can be a receiver and sender.” (Brown, 2002)


i. Students are able to self teach using Wiki’s

ii. Ability to connect with students across the world

Classroom collaborative learning

iii. Education specific Wiki’s

iv. Teacher collaboration

v. 24/7 Teaching and learning process (wikiHOW, pbwiki, wikispaces)

Class Activity

“The wiki allows the teacher to see exactly who did what part and when it was done, and the wikis also offers students a discussion area to negotiate the lab results.” (Kist, 2010, p.93)

Please place a comment below with ideas on how to incorporate wiki’s into a classroom setting. List the grade and class your example pertains to. Remember your netiquette when posting.

Examples of Educational Wikis and links for you to visit:

Teaching in Tech wiki

Digital ID wiki

21st Century Teaching

Web 2.0 Tools

Global Read wiki

What is a wiki?

Class Discussion:

What a wiki is and the general purpose they serve.

A wikis common use.

Do you have experience creating, posting and/or viewing wikis?

How can wikis help outside of the classroom?

Which wikis do you most frequent? Until learning about wikis, did you realize you were using them?

“Wayne”: Another Great One

Around the corner from my house is an elementary school with a big schoolyard. Every winter, city workers put up wooden boards around a rectangular section of the schoolyard. This area is then flooded with water, creating an ice rink for community members to enjoy skating and shinny hockey. After living in this neighbourhood for 17 years, I can safely say that this outdoor, man-made rink is enjoyed and cherished by young tykes, old-timers, and everyone in between.

One man stands alone taking responsibility every evening to shovel and flood the ice. That man’s name is Wayne. Out of the kindness of his heart, generosity towards the community, and love for the great game of hockey, Wayne faithfully and tirelessly works to give this gift to the neighbourhood. Often unnoticed and unthanked, Wayne gives his time and energy not for personal reward or recognition, but to give children and adults alike the opportunity to experience Canada’s game.

The community, this country, and our world needs more men and women like Wayne. Giving of ourselves for the betterment of humanity and not for personal gain is a virtue to which we can all aspire.

When Canadians hear the name “Wayne”, we automatically think of Wayne Gretzky. The most outstanding player to ever lace up a pair of skates and take to the ice armed with a stick and a puck, Wayne Gretzky has earned the designation “The Great One”. Not to be outdone, lacing up his boots every night and taking to the ice armed with a shovel and a hose, there is another Wayne…and, at least in my little neighbourhood, we think he’s pretty great too.




Team Canada

Four years have past and another Winter Olympics have crept up on us. Four years later, four years wiser and four years more talented.  The medal push will be stronger, the golds will be more plentiful and the spirit of our country will rise to new heights.  The NHL will go on a brief pause which will leave the Leafs hanging in limbo while riding a hot streak.  The regular t.v programs will be put on hold for all to see the world stage on CBC.  Through skiing and skating, snowboarding and bob-sleighing team Canada will prevail.  All across the globe fans tune in to see their home country compete in this wonderful world event.  Canada will once again step up to the challenge and prove to all, we can own the stage.  And then, near the end of the lengthy several weeks, the men will lace up the skates and have a chance at medal.  The only colour that resonates so well on that red and white shirt is GOLD.  A repeat of 2010, Canada will win GOLD.  The men’s hockey takes home the GOLD medal back to back years.  The entire country is on their feet in pure celebration.  The roars are heard far and wide.