Wikis: A Reliable Source?

What characterizes a reliable source on the internet?

Have you ever referenced a wikipedia or a wiki?

How could a wiki be considered a reliable source?

Would you allow your students to source a wiki as a reference?

“The fact that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academic research doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to use basic reference materials when you’re trying to familiarize yourself with a topic.” (Harvard College, 2014)


Wikileaks Discussion


What is wikileaks and what is its agenda?

“WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists.” (Wikileaks, 2014)


1. Public & private wiki spaces — comment and edit abilities

Public wiki — Game of Thrones Guide

2. When does privacy and security of information that you or other wiki pages post become an issue?

Wikis: Across School Collaboration

“The web is two-way, push and pull… its user can be a receiver and sender.” (Brown, 2002)


i. Students are able to self teach using Wiki’s

ii. Ability to connect with students across the world

Classroom collaborative learning

iii. Education specific Wiki’s

iv. Teacher collaboration

v. 24/7 Teaching and learning process (wikiHOW, pbwiki, wikispaces)

Class Activity

“The wiki allows the teacher to see exactly who did what part and when it was done, and the wikis also offers students a discussion area to negotiate the lab results.” (Kist, 2010, p.93)

Please place a comment below with ideas on how to incorporate wiki’s into a classroom setting. List the grade and class your example pertains to. Remember your netiquette when posting.

Examples of Educational Wikis and links for you to visit:

Teaching in Tech wiki

Digital ID wiki

21st Century Teaching

Web 2.0 Tools

Global Read wiki

What is a wiki?

Class Discussion:

What a wiki is and the general purpose they serve.

A wikis common use.

Do you have experience creating, posting and/or viewing wikis?

How can wikis help outside of the classroom?

Which wikis do you most frequent? Until learning about wikis, did you realize you were using them?