Make Your Own Scam!

Comment on this post with your own scam! It only needs to be 3-4 sentences long. Explain to your victim what you want from them or want to give them, and a consequence or reward if they do or do not do what you are asking of them.

A reminder of the types of scams: Nigerian scams, family relative scam, bank scam, travel scam, lottery scam, donation scams….

My examples:

1) Congratulations! You have won a trip to Hawaii! Please click on the link to receive your plane tickets:

2) Dear Elizabeth, I know you don’t know me but I have heard a lot about you. I’m sorry to contact you but I need your help. My son needs a kidney transplant and we don’t have enough money! Please send me $5000. Thank you, your distant relative


5 thoughts on “Make Your Own Scam!

  1. Lin N says:

    Every second of the day, 2 children die of malnutrition. FeedKids wants to help. Click here to donate now! We are only $100 away from our goal!

  2. Liv Cieri says:

    Hi, we have never met but I’ve been searching for you since I was 11 years old. I’m you’re long lost twin Whitney. We were seperated at birth and our parents had to make the hard decision to put one of us up for adoption. I’m so happy to have finally found you because I have become fatally ill and need a transplant which only you can give me. I need a new kidney. Click the link to sign up to be my organ donor

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