Team Canada

Four years have past and another Winter Olympics have crept up on us. Four years later, four years wiser and four years more talented.  The medal push will be stronger, the golds will be more plentiful and the spirit of our country will rise to new heights.  The NHL will go on a brief pause which will leave the Leafs hanging in limbo while riding a hot streak.  The regular t.v programs will be put on hold for all to see the world stage on CBC.  Through skiing and skating, snowboarding and bob-sleighing team Canada will prevail.  All across the globe fans tune in to see their home country compete in this wonderful world event.  Canada will once again step up to the challenge and prove to all, we can own the stage.  And then, near the end of the lengthy several weeks, the men will lace up the skates and have a chance at medal.  The only colour that resonates so well on that red and white shirt is GOLD.  A repeat of 2010, Canada will win GOLD.  The men’s hockey takes home the GOLD medal back to back years.  The entire country is on their feet in pure celebration.  The roars are heard far and wide.



9 thoughts on “Team Canada

  1. Lin N says:

    Go Canada Go! This post makes me really excited for the rest of the Olympics and really reminds me how great our Canadian athletes are!

  2. DM says:

    Canadian Coach helping the Russian Athlete finish his race by running onto the course to give him a ski = Awesome! Represent! #CanadianSpirit

  3. Jane says:

    Not a big fan of the Olympics but GO CANADA…because I am Canadian and I am a fan of Canada. However I am currently not a fan because it is too cold, way too cold.

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