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Teachers need to do all they can to integrate technology into classroom Recognize that online tech is a way of life and fundamental to learning. Regularly book the computer lab, invest in more school technology, welcome the BYOD policy.. do what is needed to facilitate online learning. Follow the link and take this quick survey to evaluate how well you’re doing and and receive tips for improvement.

(It’s interactive & better than reading through stats!)

This Youtube video, though long provides practical stratagies for acquiring funds for classroom technology.

Debate around this case study Learning Innovation vs Improved Test Performance

The New York Times article “In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores,” discusses a school in the Kyrene School District that has fully implemented technology in the classroom. Since 2005, the school has invested around $33 million in technology, par a passing vote. Children use laptops and tablets for their work and integrate things like Facebook groups into regular projects. Unfortunately, the school is also suffering from low standardized test scores. (Ed note: unfortunately, it seems entirely plausible that test scores and actual learning may not be as tethered as we’d like.)

While statewide test scores have risen, Kyrene School District remains stagnant in the face of all of their innovation. Teachers worry that while the technology is engaging on a creative level, the students may be missing out on basic concepts like math and language. Other proponents of technology point out that standardized test scores may not be the best gauge of student intelligence and creativity. Still others yet reason that there’s no reason to spend millions of well-earned tax dollars on a system before knowing whether or not it is sincerely helpful for educational growth.


What is a Meme?

meme (/ˈmm/meem) is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.

Meme Montage


Nyan Cat, Leekspin, Keyboard Cat, Trololol, Chacarron

History of memes – 4CHAN

•began as a place to discuss Japanese comics and anime
•There were many different sections where you could talk about different subjects
No registration required and posts are anonymous
The site grew into central hub for memes 
•one of the Internet’s most trafficked image boards
How Memes Can Affect Other Peoples Lives
Eduard Anatolyevich Khil “‘Symbol of Leningrad”
Eduard Khil
His music career had petered out in the 1990’s only to be resurrected by an internet meme that was born from his 1976 non-lexical vocable version of the song “I Am Glad, ‘Cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home”
This song was featured in the Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremonies
Nyan Ferrari
On February 4th this year, The popular musician Deadmau5 had his Ferrari 458 Spider (which retails for a base price of $257,000) covered in a vinyl featuring an internet meme known at Nyan Cat.
Using Memes to Sell Your Products
Moog Slip Mat
This vinyl slip mat features an old video game meme.  The poorly translated line was from the game was “All Your Base Are Belong To Us“..  Moog cleverly used this in their favour to sell one of the products.
Going Viral to Get Business
Sammy Stephens


Make Your Own Scam!

Comment on this post with your own scam! It only needs to be 3-4 sentences long. Explain to your victim what you want from them or want to give them, and a consequence or reward if they do or do not do what you are asking of them.

A reminder of the types of scams: Nigerian scams, family relative scam, bank scam, travel scam, lottery scam, donation scams….

My examples:

1) Congratulations! You have won a trip to Hawaii! Please click on the link to receive your plane tickets:

2) Dear Elizabeth, I know you don’t know me but I have heard a lot about you. I’m sorry to contact you but I need your help. My son needs a kidney transplant and we don’t have enough money! Please send me $5000. Thank you, your distant relative

Urban Legends, Chain Emails & Scams

  • Our definition of memes has already changed in the last three years
  • Urban legends: stories told as if true, heavily circulated by word of mouth, chain emails, immortalized by the media etc.
  • Examples of urban legends: Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Light, Humans Can Lick Too, Bloody Mary, Mr. Rogers was a NAVY seal sniper, Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen, Cokelore (or Colklore)
  • Chain emails usually consist of a message attempting to convince you to pass on the letter to as many other recipients as possible, urban legends normally are turned into chain emails
  • At the end of a chain email there is either a reward or threat, in the case of a Blood Mary chain email it would look like this:

We strongly advise you to send this email on. It is seriously NO JOKE. We don’t want to see another life wasted. ITS YOUR CHOICE… WANNA DIE TONIGHT? If you send this email to…
NO PEOPLE – You’re going to die.

1-5 PEOPLE – You’re going to either get hurt or get the biggest fright of your life.

5-15 PEOPLE – You will bring your family bad luck and someone close to you will die.

15 OR MORE PEOPLE – You are safe from Bloody Mary

Wikis: A Reliable Source?

What characterizes a reliable source on the internet?

Have you ever referenced a wikipedia or a wiki?

How could a wiki be considered a reliable source?

Would you allow your students to source a wiki as a reference?

“The fact that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academic research doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to use basic reference materials when you’re trying to familiarize yourself with a topic.” (Harvard College, 2014)